Monday, 10 June 2013

Battle of the...Body Butters!

Everybody loves a good body butter, and especially in the summer when skin is either dry and flaky, or sunburnt and red raw! Body butters are thicker than regular moisturisers, so they're perfect for those days where you need some extra moisture! There are lots of different brands, so I've done a little review for you guys and tell you my favourite body butter ever!

First of all is the classic Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter, which seems to be a cult favourite to many people. However, I personally am not a big fan! The formula is white and a very thick consistency, and I find it a bit too heavy on my skin. It never fully sinks in and I can feel it on my skin for hours after using it. However, if you have reaaaally dry skin, it could be good. I also use this when I have a bad sunburn; I apply it thickly then wash it off and it's really cooling. The scent of it is okay, to me it smells like suncream, but it's the classic S&G scent.

Next up is a much lesser known product, which is the FCUK Polished Whipped Bodycream. This is a Strawberries & Cream flavour, and seems lovely. However, the consistency is really strange. It feels a bit like jelly, and can be quite hard to rub into the skin. However it is very moisturising without feeling heavy, so it's a decent product.

Finally, we have another well-known product - the Body Shop Body Butters. I have tried the strawberry, mango, lemon, orange... I've tried so many flavours but my current choices are Almond (for normal/dry skin)  and Brazil Nut (for dry skin). These are also a really thick consistency (as all body butters are haha) and are reaaaally moisturising but the soak into the skin quickly and feel nice. The scents of them are amazing, and there's such a massive range to choose from. The issue I have with these is that the pots are really hard to get product out of because my nails are really long and the angle that my finger is in the pot means I get all the butter under my nails. Ew.

This had to be my clear winner, no arguments! The smell of this almond body butter is incredible, and the formula is so moisturising! At £12.50 a pop, it's not a cheap product, but it's well worth the money. Also, the Body Shop often do sales and offers, so you can get these for much cheaper.

What's your favourite body butter? Let me know in the comments!
Talk to you later lovelies,
Emma x

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