Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Wishlist #1 (June)

Summer is rolling around the corner and I absolutely cannot wait! It seems to be making me want to be even more and spend more money. Oops. That's probably not helped by the fact that I'm off school on study leave at the moment but have finished my exams, so spend all day reading beauty blogs and online shopping! Oh dear...

Benefit Primping with the Stars Kit (Top left) OR Benefit How To Look The Best at Everything Complexion Kit - I love the look of both of these kits and can't decide which one to get! I'm considering purchasing one as a post-exam treat, but they both look so amazing! I'm kind of leaning towards the Primping with the Stars, because  it has a wider variety of products, and I'd like to try Benetint, Girls Meets Pearl and Stay Don't Stray. However, I also reaaally want to try the Hello Flawless Foundation which is in the other kit! Have you tried either of them? Which would you recommend? Help!

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation - I've seen this foundation everywhere at the moment, and I'd really like to try it! I'm still pretty bitter that I missed the 50% sale, because I don't really want to fork out £27 on a foundation.

MUA Undress Me Too Palette - I'd really like to try this as I think I'd get so much use out of it! I got the Urban Decay Naked Palette for Christmas and I'm in love with it! I've seen so many blog posts about the similarities between Naked 2 and Undress Me Too so I'd rather pay £4 for the MUA palette than £36 for the UD!

New Look Pinafore - I think this is so so cute and will be perfect for summer! I'd team this with lace or brightly coloured short sleeve crop tops, and I think it'd look really lovely.

Internacionale Bum Bag - I'm going to V Festival in August, and I'll probably need a bum bag. However I don't want a boring one, and this one would be so perfect. The gold studding makes it a lot more modern and fashionable, and I'd be so happy strutting around with this on haha!

What are you dying to buy this month? Have you tried any of the products in my wishlist? What do you think of them?

Talk to you later lovelies,
Emma x


  1. love your blog :)

    im now following you through the weekly wednesday blog hop and id love it if you could check me out sometime too?



    1. Heyyyy!
      Thanks SO much for following, it means a lot!
      I've just had a look at your blog and am now following, it's great!

      Love, Emma x