Saturday, 8 June 2013

Festival Fashion Faves

That time of year is upon us once again... Festivals! Here in the UK, we love a good festival, and there are so many amazing ones to choose from - T in the Park, V Fest, Leeds, Bestival... There are also some incredible acts playing at festivals this year, such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Eminem and Kings of Leon! Whether you're a festival virgin or an experienced camper, here is my list of fashion essentials for surviving a festival:

I am going to be going to V Festival this year. I have never been to a festival, so I'm guessing a bit haha, but this is what I'll be bringing.

Obviously clothes are fairly important, that's a given. I think festival fashion is so much fun, as you're really free to experiment and try out different looks. It's important to be comfortable at a festival, because you'll be spending long hours standing up and walking around, or sitting on the floor, so no mini skirts and heels! Having said that, fashion is an important part of festivals, and so it's fun to be comfortable but also fashionable. Here are some example outfits:


As you can see, there's a lot of denim going on, crop tops and shorts. Shorts are a festival essential because they're so easy to pair with any top you have, and are super comfortable. The two pairs I chose have a lot of detailing, and so they can be worn with a plain tank top and still look really fashionable.

I also purposely chose nothing white (although the pinafore dress is pretty pale) because there will be mud everywhere and it's not even worth bringing something white!

Finally, crop tops are huge when it comes to festival fashion, and lace is a massive trend this summer, so I picked out two lace crop tops. The first is the blue top worn under the pinafore dress. These are great because they can be worn under another top, over a tank top maybe, or just on their own with a pair of shorts.

When it comes to shoes, I obviously chose the festival staple: wellies. The first pair are Hunters, the second are not. While Hunters are the "proper" brand of wellies, to some people, I don't see the point of spending £80 on a pair of wellies I'm going to wear once, so I won't be getting any. I may pick up some Hunter socks from TK Maxx though!



In my opinion, festivals don't require tons of accessories. If you want to bring them, that's your choice, but I just find it's a bit of a waste of time and space in your bag.

However, I love statement necklaces, like the two above. You could throw them over a plain white tank top and denim shorts, and you look like you've really planned your outfit. You only need one or maybe even two in your bag, and they can really change up your look.

When it comes to bags, I think a bum bag is essential. They leave your hands free to dance, hold drinks or do whatever, and the keep your belongings really close to you! Trust me, if someone starts putting their hands down there to steal, I hope you'd notice! If you like, you could bring a rucksack. Personally, I prefer a bum bag as they're safer, however if you do want one, I love the Accessorize one above.

I hope you enjoyed this post all about festivals. I absolutely cannot wait to see Beyonce, The Vaccines and Calvin Harris at V Festival! Are you going to a festival this year? Who are you most excited about seeing?!

Talk to you later lovelies, 
Emma x

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